Faster, Higher, Stronger – Academically?

I read a LinkedIn article by Mark McClusky, Editor-in-Chief at, about his book, Faster, Higher, Stronger. The article resonated with me as I was reminded how excellence in athletics is similar to excellence in academics. I’d like...

The 3 Cs of Successful Health Science Students (& Practitioners)

When thinking of what it takes to be a successful health science student – and professional – I keep coming back to these three things: curiosity, compassion and courage.

You probably already have these characteristics, but have you...

The Rule of 5 and Long-Term Memory

Our guest blogger, Elizabeth, wrote this when she was a first-year medical student. Elizabeth talks about the importance of repetition (she calls it the “Rule of 5”) to understand information and store it in long-term memory.


Why Should Smart People Learn Study Skills?

The study strategies you’ve been using have gotten you this far. Why change?

You may not need to.

If you have no plans to continue your education after high school or college you may not need to improve your study skills. Cramming and...